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SalesMax CRM - Construction Version

If your business involves the supplies of building materials, the SalesMax CRM construction version is exactly what you need. This version includes the complete set of tools of the fully automated basic version, with the added possibility of record keeping for the construction sites you are interested in.

Automation of work for each facility

In the description of each object, you can create a complete picture, namely to take into account the involvement of various contractors in the process of construction (designers, contractors, suppliers and competitors).

- In each transaction, you can specify to which of the sites of a selected client it belongs, so you get a powerful tool for working with each site: you can see how things are with each delivery and track the success of all negotiations.
At any time you can get a full summary for each site, including the information about what supplies are expected, what settlements have been made or are expected to be made with the suppliers, which original documents have not yet been signed.

Distinction from the Basic Version

Certainly, the construction version includes a complete toolkit available in the basic version. In addition, the construction version allows to:

  • track the complete history of negotiations on each project - both on the stages of collecting information about the site and supporting all the transactions associated with the site.
  • conveniently work with all the transactions related to a particular site, even if the supplies / works are associated with different contractors
  • have the information on all the plans and debts within the selected site - the debts of customers, debts to suppliers, unsigned primary documents
  • schedule activities and supply chains/operations on the selected site

Companies working in the construction market that have implemented the SalesMax system note the exceptional efficiency of the offered tools, as well as a significant increase in sales, bringing order to the reporting documents and receiving a clear picture of the company’s work at each supervised site.

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