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The quality of work of the sales deopartment directly influences company’s revenue, profitability and growth. Unfortunately, salespeople are often unable to independently organize their work so that the processes of searching for new and servicing the existing customers were quickly and efficient. We aim at providing the sales department with a tool that would remove a number of barriers to efficient and productive work of salespeople, and not only structured the clien information but above all, increased the intensity of the staff’s work, making it as simple and transparent as possible.

Descriptive Plan Is Half the Battle

Studies show that having a plan in front of your eyes significantly increases performance. If a person is just starting their working day, he or she won’t waste time figuring out what to do, and in case of unforeseen things to do will be able to quickly return to the place where he or she left off.
SalesMax CRM allows to automatically generate work plans for each employee. Sales management system includes user-friendly mechanisms for planning and tracking performance of the assignments that greatly facilitate to solving everyday business issues.

Control Should Not Distract from Work

Usually, in order to obtain staff feedback managers hold daily briefings on a regular basis. This is when the current situation is analysed: the state of negotiations with major customers, the most promising deals, the planned sale levels. This information is extremely important for business development and achieving its primary targets. On the other hand, such briefings take up a lot of time of the whole team. Is there a way to reduce the duration of such briefings and increase their quality? Our CRM system enables managers with a well-represented structured data set that allows you to find out in advance:
  • what every single employee was doing in a given period of time
  • how the negotiations with each customer proceed
  • about the promising deals and things to be expected in the near future
  • the status of orders, which are being processed
  • how the debtors are dealt with
  • how much each staff member has earned for the company
  • about a debt according to the primary documents
Having such a comprehensive set of data at hand, the manager finds it much easier to focus on solving critical problems, distracting staff from work only when it’s necessary.

Absence of Barriers to Work is the Best Motivation

To make working easier you need to eleminate as many barriers in the way of solving tasks as possible. Each stop on the way to the goal can seriously put the whole team off its stride. And vice versa, the absence of obstacles can help achieve a very impressive work rhythm. In the SalesMax CRM system we provided everything for the work to be in full swing:
  • data are presented simply and clearly – no need to check into, you can immediately start working
  • finding the necessary information can be doen with minimum effort
  • the speed of our system is a key factor to its success in the market
  • possibility to operate the system via the Internet using only a standard browser offers unprecedented prospects for business expansion

A Complete Set of Tools for Working with Clients

SalesMax CRM contains everything you need for the organization of direct sales:
  • collective scheduler that allows for both independent planning, creating assignments and tracking their accomplishment
  • flexible system of controlling access to information
  • convenient form of recording the history of communication with each customer
  • flexible trade directory that allows for configuring additional properties of the goods, the list of possible suppliers
  • recording the demand in the form of transactions, indicating the probability of success allows for accurate sales prognosis
  • quick cost estimates based on the supplier price lists allows for the flexibile pricing policy changes for important clients
  • billing, scheduling payments from customers, executing primary shipping documents – all these tools allow for the document flow within the CRM system
  • well-developed express analysis tools allow for the qualitative assessment of a variety of indicators with minimum time costs
  • sales management system is developed based on modern Internet technology - it allows you to easily automate the work of a remote branch, or to organize the work of staff at home, without doing absolutely no adjustments at the workplaces

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