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SalesMax CRM for Publishing Houses

Working with advertisers is an essential process for any periodical publisher. Expanding the base of advertisers and the regular work with each of them allows the publisher to step up the rate of its growth, increasing the return on each issue, achieving the leading position in its market sector. Having worked side by side with a number of publishers, our company has tried to take the best from each of them and create an effective tool for the development of this business sector.

Accepting advertisements

SalesMax CRM for publishing houses allows to generate a list of media (magazines or newspapers that you publish), specify the periodicity, typical layout blocks, form a price list for advertising materials, depending on the size and placement.

Forming a proposal for the advertiser, the manager has the ability to specify individual discounts and schedule publication time optimal for the advertiser.

This version allows you to concurrently operate multiple editions, each with its own release schedule and own advertising rates.

Tracking the History of Each Advertiser

The lack of automation can make the tracking of a particular advertiser's materials quite time consuming. SalesMax CRM will help you achieve this in seconds. The system allows not only to manually view the history of placing promotional materials of a specific advertiser, it will also remind automatically to each responsible manager that a particular advertiser has stopped placing advertisements and that active steps must be taken to resume cooperation.

Automating the Advertising Content of Each Issue

It's no secret that very often the day before the release of the next issue is a living hell for the whole team. It’s necessary to find and stick together a lot of very different kinds of information to achieve a decent result and meet the requirements of each customer. Our system prepares and structures all the necessary information in advance so that the advertising content of each issue is formed gradually in real time and thus allows to reduce the load on the staff, making the work more systematic and predictable.

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