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SalesMax CRM for Radio and Television

In addition to organizing effective sales, radio and television stations face the need to exclude all possible overlaps when only at the last moment they find out that air time is already occupied by someone else, and can’t fulfill their obligations to the advertiser. The SalesMax CRM radio version provides the tools that generate the clear picture of air time allowing the sales managers to control the placement of commercials.

Scheduling commercials

As a rule, the time of rolling commercials is limited. Using SalesMax CRM for radio/TV, you can define a list of media - radio or television stations, schedule commercials for each media, generate price quotes for advertisers.

Accepting advertisements

To avoid conflicts when the same commercial time is sold to multiple advertisers, the SalesMax system organizes accepting the advertisements so that managers can pre-orient, what they can offer to a particular client, and which air time is already taken. The system allows to take into account scheduled maintenance works, pricing peculiarities when airing the commercial first in the block, monitoring compliance with legislative limits to the maximum amount of commercials within one hour.

Managers also have the opportunity to provide individual discounts to key customers in accordance with the achieved agreements, moreover the rights to admit the commercials can be assigned to a limited number of employees.

Working with the History of Placement

SalesMax CRM allows to easily track the history of commercials for each advertiser, even if in each case the commercial was received by another advertising agency. The system not only records the fact of placing a commercial, but it also allows to save the commercial in a convenient form for future use.

Automation of the preparation to the airwaves

The list of commercials to be aired is prepared automatically - just a few clicks and you get the broadcast schedule.

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