CRM SalesMax: overview

Handy tool for streamline sales

CRM SalesMax makes work with clients base easy and productive. Using our CRM system your sales staff can reach incredible results.
Main everyday tool - schedule is designed for tracking as many clients as possible. Schedule pipelines everyday activities providing simple yet effective process: call to a client - write brief summary - appoint follwing call - switch to a next client. Thus every salesman can reach very hight productivity numbers - make up to 200 calls a day, track up to 1000 clients sumalteneously.

Keep all client's information in one place

Communication history is accumulated in client's page allows salesmen provide premium quality service to the client by briefly reading it during making call. All information related to the client is alsto stored there - documents, contracts, invoices etc. You won't need to use other software solutions any more.

Employee tracking

In our CRM all user with coordinator role have access to other users' schedules and can view work performed by other users in real time. This makes every salesman work transparent and clear. Company management gets fair, in-time information to make right management decisions.

Transactions: all about money

The main target of each salesman is to close sales. So, the second big section is Transactions management. In our CRM every Transaction contans list of products/services required by the client, prices, conditions and other related information. Also every transation is been on some Stage (for example 'Invoice is issued') and has some probability of success. Filling this information in transactions can be analyzed.

Statistics: bird's eye view

All information collected in SalesMax CRM can be analyzed using Statistics section. In just few seconds a manager can compare users to each other, analyze marketing return, have a point how much each rejection reason costs.
CRM SalesMax gives your company complex result: increasing clients base, increasing calls made by users, sales volume. Your business becomes more manageable and your clients get higher level of service.

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