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Sales Department Management. Monitoring the Work of Managers

Despite the fact that there are sales managers, capable of independent work, it’s more common that the work of the staff requires constant supervision. A manager, who knows that his work is visible and monitored, usually works better.

If we consider the situation, when the company does not use the CRM system, the process of monitoring the work of managers often comes down to gathering reports they write on their work. Next, these reports are carefully is studied by the director, who makes management decisions based on them. Such system, in general, does its job, but at the same time, it can be significantly improved.

Timeliness of Information

If we consider the situation when it’s necessary to urgently get the information from the manager about the current state of affairs with the key client - what are the ways to obtain it? If your business is not automated, it is likely the manager will be called to the director’s office or the director will request this information by e-mail / instant messenger. In this case, the manager will be distracted from his current tasks and will have to urgently prepare the information for the director, sacrificing his work with the customers. This will lead to the fact that managers will be discontent that their time is wasted: if instead of writing reports they continued to work with clients, they would earn more money for the company and would receive a larger bonus.

To avoid excessive waste of managers’ time on with the preparing the reports, directors are forced to sacrifice the timeliness of the received information, limiting the number of reports to one per week or month.

However, there is an obvious solution to the problem of choice between the up-to-date information and the intensity of managers’ work. The implementation of a CRM system will completely eliminate the need to distract managers from their work. The CRM allows you to fully control the work of managers in real time, while they continue doing their job.

Accuracy of the Controlled Data

Another problem with manual report preparation is the accuracy of the data. If the clients are put on a conveyor and the number of transactions in the pipeline is more than a dozen, the manual compilation of reports with is precise and accurate data isn’t quite a simple task. By the time of writing a report some information will be forgotten, some lost, another will be taken away by a manager that unexpectedly quit. Besides, making a report containing not one or two, but, say ten key parameters will require employees to spend too much time they simply don’t have. Obviously, the director’s business decisions based on incorrect information will be wrong.

In contrast, when using the CRM system, the director can control an array of the most accurate data that can be viewed from various angles, visually monitor the situation and take careful and timely decisions.

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