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FAQ about the SalesMax CRM System

What software do I need to use the SalesMax CRM?

No additional software is needed. All the necessary components are legally included in the SalesMax distribution pack and do not require additional license fees to someone else. The Legal Information section contains an exhaustive list of components used.

What are the system requirements are for installing the SalesMax CRM?

A) Server
Minimum requirements:
Processor: 1.5 GHz RAM: 512 MB (for XP, Linux), 2 GB (Vista), Hard disk: 1 GB. Provides an average response time of 1 second - comfortable work of up to 10 concurrent users.

Recommended requirements:
Processor: Core Duo, RAM: 1 GB (for XP, Linux), 2 GB (Vista),
Hard disk: 1 GB. This configuration provides the average response time of less than 0.2 seconds - comfortable work for more than 100 concurrent users.
The system is implemented in JAVA language and runs on any operating system - Windows or Unix, for which there is JRE 1.6 and higher.

B) Client workplaces:
ordinary office PC with at least 256 MB RAM, any Internet browser:
  • Internet Explorer 5.x and above
  • FireFox
  • Opera 9.x and higher
  • Safari 3.x and higher
  • Chrome
The client workplace can use any operating system - Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, etc. Some features may require e-mail program. Recommended screen resolution is 1024x768 pixels or higher, it is also possible to work in the system via smart phones (eg, iPhone).

How do I get into SalesMax from another computer on the LAN?

When you open the link "Login to CRM" on the computer where the system is installed - a browser (eg Internet Explorer) runs and opens the address at which the SalesMax system is available. Remember or write down the address, then open Internet Explorer (or any other browser) on another computer and type in the memorized address into the address bar.

What’s the difference between the full version and the demo and how do I buy the full version?

The system’s demo version has a single restriction – one month working period. Otherwise it is fully functional. After the expiration of the demo version, the system will allow you to use the accumulated data, but the option to create new information will be blocked.
After purchasing the commercial license, you will receive an electronic key that will remove the time restriction. All the data accumulated in the demo version will be saved.

Can I use the system on linux? What do I need to do this?

The server end of the SalesMax is implemented in java language, that’s why the system works equally well both on Windows, linux and other unix systems. Due to better performance of ext3 filesystem compared to NTFS, the speed of SalesMax on linux is usually higher than on Windows with the same hardware characteristics. However, setting up the system under linux is a bit more complicated - follow the GNU/Linux/FreeBSD installation instructions. Client workplaces can also run on Linux or FreeBSD.

Is there a need to pay monthly fee after purchasing the system?

If you have purchased the system - then NO. You can use SalesMax CRM for unlimited time. You may want to receive annual system updates, or sign a technical support contract. Both upgrades and technical support are provided on a voluntary basis.
If you rent the system on our servers, then you pay a monthly subscription fee, depending on the number of concurrent users.

The program opens Internet Explorer – does this mean I need to have Internet connection?

If you purchased and installed the program - no, Internet connection is not necessary. All information is stored on the computer where the program was installed, the exchange of information is carried out within your local network. No data is transferred either to our company, or anywhere outside your office. In case, if you want to work in our system remotely from outside of your office, the implemented technology allows to painlessly organize your work through the Internet. The availability of a dedicated line is a prerequisite.

Help! The program doesn’t work! What should I do?

1. Check that the server the program is installed on is enabled - the program is running on the server and can only work when it is enabled.
2. Check if the server is online. The network cable could have dropped out during the cleaning.
3. Make sure that the pgsql-8.2 and the SalesMax CRM web server are running. If one of the services is not running, you need to find out (see below).
4. Make sure that the program can be accessed while on the server. If the program is available from the server, but is not available from another computer on the network, check the network settings.
5. If the server is running Windows Firewall or any other firewalls, make sure the port on which the program is running (80 by default) is open to incoming connections. Try to temporarily disable your antivirus software - if the program resumes its work on another computer, it means your antivirus is blocking the network activities - refer to the software manual to learn how to add our system to the list of exceptions and to unblock its operation in the antivirus settings.
6. Check your browser settings. If you use a proxy server to connect to the internet - make sure the connection settings specify "do not use proxy for local addresses", or the server name/IP address should be added to the list of exceptions.
7. If the name of your computer contains national letters, it is necessary to change the link to log into the system - enter the computer’s IP address instead its name.
To do this, run the command prompt (Start - All Programs - Accessories - Command Prompt), type into the black box:
Press Enter, the information about the IP address of your computer will be displayed:
IP Configuration for Windows

LAN connection - Ethernet adapter:

DNS-suffix for this connection . . : mawisoft.com
IP-address . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet mask . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . . :

Copy the IP address, then find the “Log in to CRM” link in the Start menu, and right click on it, select “Properties”, in the URL address field of the popup window replace the name of your computer with the previously memorized IP address.

8. If the pgsql-8.2 service is not running, try to run it, if the launch failed and the logon error is specified - check the “Login” tab in this service’s Properties. Make sure that the user password postgres coincides with the real password for that user. If necessary, change the password in the user properties and in the properties of the service start.
If the message says that the service was launched and then stopped because it had nothing to do - it means the postgres user, on whose behalf the pgsql-8.2 service is run has no right to write to the directory where data is stored (usually C:\Program Files\Mawisoft SalesMax5.3\postgresql\data). Grant full access to the directory to the postgres user.

9. If the pgsql-8.2 service is running, and the SalesMax CRM web server will not start – this is most likely due to the fact that Java has been updated. In this case, you must manually update the jvm.dll file from the C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\server directory. Open the command prompt and run
java -version
Download the appropriate version of the jvm.dll from the http://www.mawisoft.com/distrib/jvm/
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