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The cost of the SalesMax CRM system depends on the version and the number users. The license is not limited by time. Bug fixes are free within a 2 year period from date of purchasing. System upgrades are paid but voluntary. If you are completely satisfied with the functionality of our system, you are free to use for an unlimited amount of time.
47,300 руб
Standard edition fits almost every firm with direct sales department. This version automates common direct sales activities.
53,700 руб
building edition allows you tracking building objects from start to finish, analyze every building from many aspects like profitability, current and past plans etc.
47,300 руб
This solution for publishers allows you not only increase sales reps productivity, but also organizes fulfilling every issue of a magazine or newspaper with advertisements.
73,500 руб
The radio/TV edition gives you powerful solution for placing advertisements in play lists of one or few radio station or TV channel
47,300 руб
Xerox premier partner edition will not only automate sales but also help to organize data exchange standard way - CRM will import price lists and prepare PML reports, .
number of concurrent users:
$150 x 0 = $0
up to 5 users - free, more than 5 users - $150 per user
Total: $
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